We are only a few days away from the 19th Annual Grasslands Trail Run. This year, the course on the Blue trail has been slightly rerouted due to another event taking place in the LBJ National Grasslands at the same time. The reroute, although not significant, shortens the course by ½ mile.

To make up for the distance lost, I have added a 0.3-mile loop just before the finish. See the diagram below. As you approach the start/finish area, you will see the Finish Line in front of you, depicted as the green line in the diagram. However, this year, you will not run straight towards the finish. Instead, course markings will direct you to veer to the left and loop around. The finish line will be in the same location as past years, but you will approach from the opposite direction. This 0.3-mile loop will be added to the end of the Blue and White trails.

If you are running the Half Marathon, you will approach the start/finish area, run the loop, and then cross the finish line. (The Half Marathon has been longer than 13.1 miles in past years. Therefore the 0.3-mile correction loop is sufficient.)

If you are running the Marathon, you will run this loop twice—at the end of the White trail and again at the end of the Blue trail which is the finish of your race.

As always, 50-Mile participants will leave and return the Start/Finish five times: the out and back to Douglas Gate, followed by the Blue, White, Yellow and Red trails. Like the Marathoners, you will only need to complete the loop twice—at the end of the Blue and White trails. You will NOT run this loop when returning from the initial out and back from Douglas Gate or when completing the Yellow and Red Trails.

The entire course, including the reroute, will be well marked with flagging tape and signs. I will review this information again during the pre-race briefings. For other race information, be sure to review the Race Participant Guide.